Dr. Knapp

Why I became a Chiropractor –

When I was 5 years old a 600 pound wood beam fell on me crushing my thigh and breaking my leg. I was in the hospital for 6 months. When I came home I was able to walk but with a bad limp. I had low back pain, severe leg pain and migraines. My parents took me to the best doctors and were told that I had “growing pains” which I would grow out of. I suffered with pain and a limp for years.

I was just about to begin my PhD studies, when a friend of mine that was doing his internship in Chiropractic said that he could help me. I thought, sure you can. I had been to crippled children’s hospitals, orthopedic surgeons and he was going to help rid me of the pain I had suffered with since I was 5 years old? He said to me, “what do you have to lose?” So I decided to go with him to the Chiropractic School in Davenport Iowa. He did a complete examination and after an adjustment I stood up and walked, without a limp! This was a miracle. All I wanted to do all evening was walk, and all he wanted to do was go chase girls! I continued my care with him and eventually my leg pain and low back pain went away, and eventually so did the migraines. I said to him “tell me more about Chiropractic”. I was amazed by how he had helped me and I wanted to help others. Rather than going for my PhD, I entered Chiropractic School and this is why I became a Chiropractor.

Education –

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Iowa. Graduated in the upper 10% of the class with Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Northern Illinois University Graduate School, DeKalb Illinois. Masters studies in Physically & Mentally Handicapped Northern Illinois University DeKalb Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Physically & Mentally Handicapped Sauk Valley College, Dixon Illinois. And an Associate in Arts.

Post Doctorate Studies –

300 hours completed to become board qualified in Orthopedics, and over 3,000 hours have been completed in the field of nutrition, sports medicine, radiology, rehabilitation, laboratory chemistry, weight reduction, acupuncture, physical therapy, patient psychology, physiotherapy, preventative care, qualified medical examiner and work conditioning rehabilitation.

Certifications –
Board Qualified Orthopedics: 300 hours of post-doctoral studies in non-surgical correction of joint disorders
Board Qualified Thermography: 100 hours of post-doctoral studies in evaluating human physiology with non-invasive thermal emissions
Certified in post-surgical care
Certified in ortho-molecular injectibles
Certified in plethysmography

Affiliations –
Member American Chiropractic Association
Member California Chiropractic Association
NAACP Executive Board Member – Past
Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Peer Review Chairman Fellowship of Chiropractic Physicians
Received numerous awards for Clinical Excellence and Achievement
Reviewer for numerous insurance companies

Published Articles –
Peer Review and its Purpose
Insurance Diagnosis
Developing Gross Muscle Coordination
Chiropractic and Veterans
Contributing writer to the book “The Wonders of Chiropractic”

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